The perfect showroom schedule Loewe x ModaResa

The perfect showroom schedule Loewe x ModaResa

April 12, 2024

In a recent conversation, our founder and CEO Stéphanie Smith sat down with Sofia Gomez, a Wholesale Executive at Loewe, to discuss the challenges and joys of showroom organisation.

With the fashion industry constantly evolving, Loewe has been capitalising on ModaResa 's technology since 2021 to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate the overall showroom experience, both for their team and international retailer network.

To start, could you introduce yourself and describe your role at Loewe?

My name is Sofia Gomez and I am a Wholesale Executive at Loewe, working in commercial wholesale. My primary responsibilities involve managing and nurturing relationships with our retail partners. This includes organising showrooms to present Jonathan Anderson's creative vision, ensuring our clients have the best experience in preparation of it but also during. My job also includes making sure that our brand is showcased and positioned in the best possible way throughout the season across our network.

How has the process of organising showrooms evolved since you started using ModaResa in 2021?

Before ModaResa, we were using Excel sheets to organise our showrooms. However, we quickly realised the need for a more efficient and modern solution. ModaResa played a crucial role in streamlining the process, providing a luxurious experience for our B2B clients. Scheduling, which might seem simple, turned out to be the key to our day.

How has ModaResa positively impacted the scheduling and organisation of showrooms for Loewe?

ModaResa has revolutionised our scheduling process, offering a user-friendly platform that caters to both our needs and the preferences of our clients. It has eliminated the back-and-forth communication, providing a centralised and visible platform for all necessary information. The tool has saved us valuable time, increased team productivity, allowing us to focus on more significant aspects such as planning and executing effective showroom meetings.

Were there any initial concerns or hesitations about adopting ModaResa, and how have those concerns been addressed?

Initially, we were concerned that buyers might find the tool complicated or even suspect it was a scam. However, those fears were unfounded. The invitations are tailored specifically to Loewe, ensuring clarity and authenticity. Buyers quickly adapted to the platform, appreciating the time saved and expressing gratitude for the efficiency it brought to the process.

How has the latest version of ModaResa enhanced your experience in terms of scheduling and overall control?

The latest version of ModaResa has not only maintained but strengthened our control over scheduling. With features tailored to our brand's constraints and needs, such as optimised time slots, we've realised that the transition to a digital platform is a win-win situation. It has allowed us to save time while maintaining control over our schedule.

What are the main benefits your team experiences using ModaResa?

The primary benefit for our team is the significant time saved. With just a click, invitations are sent, and the entire process takes less than 30 minutes. Each seller has their account, offering a clear overview of appointments, minimising miscommunication within our team.

How does ModaResa benefit the retailers you are working with?

Buyers enjoy autonomy with ModaResa, as they can easily update or change their appointments. The tool provides them with the flexibility needed during buying sessions, ensuring a smooth and adaptable experience.

What advice would you give to a brand hesitant about transitioning to the digital side?

I would assure them that transitioning to a digital platform does not mean losing control. The time-saving benefits are remarkable, and the flexibility during buying sessions is a game-changer. The visual clarity of the tool also aids in maintaining focus amidst a busy schedule.

Last but not least, for those interested in a business-oriented, well-structured role in the fashion industry, what tips would you offer?

To thrive in this industry, one must have a genuine passion for fashion. Hard work is essential, but maintaining a balance and enjoying the learning process is equally important.

Embrace the challenge, work hard, and have fun in creating a well-structured and successful career.

The Perfect
Showroom Schedule,
Loewe x ModaResa

Our founder and CEO sat down with a Wholesale Executive at Loewe to discuss the challenges and joys of showroom organisation.

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